From the Pastor

Dear Church Family,

I sit here in the church office on a cold, cold winter’s morning at the beginning of February.  Yesterday we had our first snow and first TAS snow day.  Today it is just cold.  The space heater is warming my feet and I’m thinking warm thoughts to chase away the chilliness of the day.

I’ve been corresponding with Dr. Kendra Haloviak-Valentine about her coming up from La Sierra University to preach for us this month on the evening of the 23rd and then on the 24th for Sabbath School and Church services.  I heard her speak about two years ago and was so deeply moved that I wanted you, the church family, to have an opportunity to hear her also.  Dr. Haloviak-Valentine is the professor of New Testament Studies in the H. M. S. Richards Divinity School at La Sierra University.  She has service as a pastor in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland, and taught at Adventist colleges and universities in the United States and Australia.

Dr. Haloviak-Valentine’s doctoral dissertation was on the hymns of Revelation.  We have asked her to share her experience with this biblical book that we are studying for Sabbath School. Her series is called “Worthy is the Lamb:  Reading, Praying, Hearing and Embracing the Book of Revelation”.  And I am truly excited about her wiliness to come and worship with us here in Tillamook.

The week before (Feb. 16th) we have asked our new Vice President for the Oregon Conference, Pastor David Schwinghammer, to come and share the Sabbath morning message.  Bonnie and I are taking the weekend to go down to Chico, California to visit our “Paradise Burned Out” children, Jim and Sara.  This will give each of you and opportunity to visit and get to know one of our Conference officers (he also is on the Governing Board at the Tillamook Hospital. 

We are working with Ginny Gabel to choose a “Hospital/Health Sabbath” and also have set March 9th in the early afternoon for our hospital chaplain’s Compassion seminar presented by Sonja Bradburn.  So we will have many reasons to celebrate on God’s blessed Sabbath day.

Most of you have seen the article in the Headlight Herald concerning the tiny house project.  That article came out a bit prematurely as that there are a lot of details yet to be worked out.  This is a joint project with our local CARE office and we are working closely with them.  There has been quite a lot of concern about what we are trying to do and why.  Some are concerned about giving handouts to lazy people but this is not the case.  We are working one on one with people who are able to transition back into regular housing if they just had a hand up and a bit of help.  We are working with CARE to create a safe place for people to get back on their feet.  It has been said that you can’t pick yourself up by your own boot straps if you have no boots.  We are offering a pair of slippers just to get them going.

Throughout the Old Testament and even the very message of Jesus, we are compelled to offer what help we can to the “hungry, thirsty, tired and lost”.  I’ve read 8T 184/185 and know well that we are called to a special calling.  I believe that we can do both.  Share the present truth concerning the Bible teachings we care so much about and live out the very outcomes of what these beliefs are all about.

If you have questions, come and let’s talk.  May the Lord richly bless you this month and always!

In His Matchless Love,

Tim Mayne, pastor

"Come follow me", Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men".
Matthew 4:19, NIV