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10/19/19 Pastor Tim Mayne Evidence Based Faith: This We Know
10/12/19 Pastor Tim Mayne Communion Service
10/05/19 Pastor Tim Mayne Dealing With the Details: The Largeness of Love
09/28/19 Elder Danny Parada Inspiring God's Love
09/21/19 Pastor Tim Mayne Deep Kindness: Education for the Kingdom
09/14/19 Pastor Tim Mayne "Dancing or Death: Making our way to the City Of God"
09/07/19 Pastor Tim Mayne  "Foolish or Wise, Remember Me When You Come Into Your Kingdom"
08/31/19 Pastor Tim Mayne  " 3 Strikes... You Are Still Not Out! Having a heart to Save"
08/24/19 Praise Service  
08/17/19 Pastor Tim Mayne "A Government of The People: Pro Dia Uel Rex"
08/10/19 Pastor Tim Mayne "Where is your Stone? The Return of The Glory of The Lord"
08/3/19 Pastor Tim Mayne "Worship, Prayer, and Listening for the Voice of God"
07/27/19 Pastor Tim Mayne "What Just Happened? It's not Fake News, It's Good News"
07/13/19 Gary Trattner "If I Was There"
07/06/19 Pastor Tim Mayne "What A Good Citizen Needs To Know"