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  05/25/24 Tim Mayne, pastor Daniel 12:8-13 On Death, Dying, and the End of Days: Living Without Fear
  05/18/24 Adventurer Sabbath Joshua 1:9 Strong & Courageous
  05/11/24 Kareem Ainsley John 15:3-13 The Love You Need
  05/04/24 Pathfinder Sabbath Joshua 1:8-9 Strong & Courageous
  04/27/24 Tim Mayne, pastor Daniel 7:13-18 Great Numbers, Great Times: The Gospel of the Judgement
  04/20/24 Tim Mayne, pastor Daniel 5:22-24 How to Have Sanity in an Insane Time: Entering the Kingdom of Heaven
  04/13/24 Ruben Franco Jeremiah 29:4-7 Ethics of an Exile
  04/06/24 Tim Mayne, pastor Daniel 2:19-23 In a World of Constant Changes: That Which Changes Not
  03/30/24 Tim Mayne, pastor Mark 15:42-47 It's Friday: But Eternity is Coming!
  03/23/24 Tim Mayne, pastor Mark 14:3-9 Tomorrow We Sing Hosana: Today We Sing Grace
  03/16/24 Pam Strachan Judges 4:1-10 Beauty for Ashes
  03/09/24 Danica Bitter Galatians 6:2 You Carried Me
  03/02/24 Pam Strachan John 3:16 The Kindness of a Father's Heart
  02/24/24 Tim Mayne Mark 12:41-44 The Cost of the Kingdon of God: Two Cents!
  02/17/24 Tim Mayne Mark 10:28-31 Seeing All the Way to the Kingdom: With God It Is Possible!
  02/10/24 Tim Mayne Mark 8:27-30 I Can See Clearly Now:  What it Means to Be a Christian
  02/03/24 Tim Mayne Mark 6:53-56 Between Hell and High Water: Navigating Demons, Death, and Disease with Jesus
  01/27/24 Tim Mayne Psalm 133 Here I Am
  01/20/24 Katelyn Weakley Colossians 4:12 How to Be a Hero
  01/13/24 Tim Mayne, pastor Mark 3:1-6 Busting Down the House: Seeking Rest for Our Souls
  01/06/24 Tim Mayne, pastor Mark 1:21-28 The Authority to Amaze: What's New with Jesus
  12/30/23 Tim Mayne, pastor 2 John 5-9 Remembering and Dreaming: Beyond Visions of Sugarplums
  12/23/23 Tim Mayne, pastor 1 John 5:1-5

Winning the Battle from a Cradle: Unto Us a Savior is Born

  12/16/23 Tim Mayne, pastor

1 John 1:1-4

Just the Right Gift
  12/09/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Isaiah 9:1-7 When the Only Answer to Every Hard Question is...a Baby!
  12/02/23 George Gainer Micah 6:6-8 Good Gospel! Root and Fruit!!
  11/25/23 Tim Mayne, pastor 2 Peter 1:3-4 Gifts to Open at Any Time: What Christmas Made Possible
  11/18/23 Dustin Young John 11:43-44 Community of Care
  11/11/23 AH Tillamook Revelation 22:1-2 Celebrating 50-years of Adventists in Adventist Health Tillamook
  11/04/23 Tim Mayne, pastor 1 Peter 3:10-12 A Couple of Things I've Learned
  10/28/23 Tim Mayne, pastor 1 Peter 2:4-12 Who are You? God's People. What Do You Have? God's Mercy. Why Does It Matter? God's Goodness
  10/21/23 Tim Mayne, pastor 1 Peter 1:10-12 Silage Trucks, The Day of Atonement, Prophets & Angels: Waiting for the Second Coming
  10/14/23 Tim Mayne, pastor James 4:11-17 The Judge. The Judgement. The Law:  All Love, All the Time, for Eternity.
  10/07/23 Tim Mayne, pastor James 3:13-17 Fresh Water, Good Wine: Know God's Wisdom and Way
  09/30/23 Ruben Franco Genesis 37:33-35 The Scars We Carry
  09/23/23 Tim Mayne, pastor James 2:8-13 Perfect. Royal. Free.
  09/16/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Philippians 4:4-9 Oh! And Remember! The LORD is Coming Soon!
  09/09/23 Jaime Jorge Romans 8:30 If God Can Use Me, He Can Use You
  09/02/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Philippians 3:12-14 How to Become Possessed:  Steps Toward a Supernatural Life
  08/26/23 Women's Ministries Outdoor Church (Kilchis)   Looking forward to seeing everyone outdoors tomorrow starting at 10 AM, (for those unable to go to the county park, there is a simple program at the church with ss starting at 9:30 AM followed by church at 11 AM)
  08/19/23 Pam Strachan John 5:1-15 Locked In
  08/12/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Philippians 2:1-5 A God with Dusty Feet: A Savior Who Came Down
  08/05/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Philippians 1:27-30 Christos AND Kerdos: The Doctrine of "The State of the Living
  07/29/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Matthew 24:1-14 Between Barbie and the Bomb: Becoming and Being Beloved
  07/22/23 Camp Meeting   Link to our Oregon Conference Camp Meeting Weekend Programming
  07/15/23 Josh Brislin Hebrews 12:5-8 I Know that You Know that I Know that I Know that You Know
  07/08/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Isaiah 66:1-2,                     2 Chronicles 7:14 Sitting without Fear in the Midst of the Fire
  07/01/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Isaiah 59:15-20 What Amazes God: If No One Will...He Will  (Communion Sabbath)
  06/24/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Isaiah 45:22-25 The God of Everything, Everywhere, All the Time
  06/17/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Isaiah 40:25-31 Limited People, Unlimited Universe, Ultimate Love
  06/10/23 Pam Strachan Exodus 21:1-6 Servants for Life
  06/03/23 Dr. Kara Johnson Philippians 4:6-8 Finding the Good
  05/27/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Isaiah 25:6-9 Taking it Easy: Learning to Trust in God
  05/20/23 Adventurer Sabbath Hebrews 11:1 Farm Fresh Faith: Stories of Faith
  05/13/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Isaiah 12:1-6 Singing Our Salvation: Drinking Deeply of the Divine
  05/06/23 Pathfinder Sabbath Isaiah 43:18-19 Let's Go: Knowing Where You are Going  (Tim Mayne)
  04/29/23 Josh Brislin Psalm 31:24 Waiting and Wading
  04/22/23 Vignettes of Ministry Micah 6:8 Living Your Faith: at Home, at School, at Work, at Play
  04/15/23 Tim Mayne, pastor John 21:4-14 After Easter: Throw Another Fish on the Barbie
  04/08/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Psalm 30:8-12 Personal Resurrection Stories: Learning to Dance
  04/01/23 Pam Strachan John 14:12-14 Increase: You are Made for More
  03/25/23 Tim Mayne, pastor John 19:4-6 Jesus. Pilot (Pilate). Me.
  03/18/23 Daniel Ortega Genesis 18:19 Family Worship
  03/11/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Psalm 41:1-3 Famous Prayers and How to Pray Them
  03/04/23 Tim Mayne, pastor John 15:4-17 A Friend of Jesus: Choosing to Love
  02/25/23 Tim Mayne, pastor    
  02/18/23 Tim Mayne, pastor John 11:33-44 Waking the Dead: Unwrapping a Church
  02/11/23 Nate Hellman John 1:14 Mt. Olympus or Mt. Zion
  02/04/23 Tim Mayne, pastor

John 8:4-11

How Water Flows, How Light Glows: Watching God at Work  
  01/28/23 John Punches Genesis 6:5-8 Grace in God's Eyes
  01/21/23 Tim Mayne, pastor John 5:39-47 Standing with the Refuse: Having Time to Serve
  01/14/23 Tim Mayne, pastor

Numbers 21:4-8

John 3:10-15

How Nicodemus Gained Eternal Life & How We Can Too
  01/07/23 Tim Mayne, pastor Genesis 22:3-8 We've Got the Wood, We've Got the Fire: Trusting God to Provide
  12/31/22 Tim Mayne, pastor Malachi 3:1-5 When Jesus Comes to Church: What True Worship Looks Like
  12/24/22 Church Family Luke 2:14 Goodwill to Men...a Christmas Contemplation
  12/17/22 Tim Mayne, pastor 2 Corinthians 13:11-14 Five Gifts Every Believer Needs: Glorious Blessings of Christmas!
  12/10/22 Tim Mayne, pastor Galatians 4:1-8 A Gift Made for You: Handcrafted Grace
  12/03/22 Tim Mayne, pastor 2 Corinthians 9:6-10 Come ON! Another Sermon on Giving? Really, Two Sabbaths in a Row?: Real Christmas Cheer!
  11/26/22 Tim Mayne, pastor 2 Corinthians 8:9-16 A Very Poor God: A Very Rich Church
  11/19/22 Paul Welch 2 Corinthians 6:13 We the Temple
  11/12/22 Tim Mayne, pastor 2 Corinthians 4:13-18 The Light Inside: Thankful that We Can See
  11/05/22 Tim Mayne, pastor 2 Corinthians 2:14-17 The Sweet Smell of Salvation: Beyond Pumpkin Spice to Eating the Whole Pie
  10/29/22 Pam Strachan/One Friday John 4:1-10 Give Me this Water
  10/22/22 Tim Mayne, pastor 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 THE CHURCH OF POWER AND WISDOM! Signs and Wonders of Following Jesus
  10/15/22 Josh Brislin Proverbs 30:5 Compromised Lack of Faith
  10/08/22 Tim Mayne, pastor 1 Corinthians 13 THE CHURCH OF POWER AND WISDOM! Living Your Best Life Yet
  10/01/22 Tim Mayne, pastor 1 Corinthians 11:17-22,    31-34 THE CHURCH OF POWER AND WISDOM! Waiting for Each Other  (Communion)
  09/24/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   THE CHURCH OF POWER AND WISDOM! Learning to Come to the Cross
  09/17/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   THE CHURCH OF POWER AND WISDOM! Learning to Do Church at the Foot of the Cross
  09/10/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   THE CHURCH OF POWER AND WISDOM! It's ALL Ours
  09/03/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   THE CHURCH OF POWER AND WISDOM! Strategies for Church Growth
  08/27/22 Jana Lee   Loving the Next Generations
  08/20/22 Pam Strachan   I Surrender: My Soul is in Your Hands
  08/13/22 Calvin Hill   Women's Ministries Outdoor Church
  08/06/22 Lori Rusek   The Biblical Roles of Wives
  07/30/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Summer Stories: "When Jesus Comes to Church: Being Members of His Congregation"
  07/23/22 Marvin Clark   Look and Live
  07/16/22 Josh Brislin   Long Lonely Road
  07/09/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Summer Stories: "Small Thinking/Big Trees: Taking Jesus Home"
  07/02/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Summer Stories: "A Meal of Repentance: From Joseph to Jesus"
  06/25/22 Danica Orris, Jon Betlinski   Vignettes...from the Heart (Young Adult Sabbath)
  06/18/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Summer Stories: "What My Father Couldn't Teach Me, Because I Didn't Want to Learn, But Now I Do"
  06/11/22 Randy Hill   Just a Minute (Pathfinder Sabbath)
  06/04/22 Tim Mayne   Summer Stories: Elijah, Elisha, Jesus and Me
  05/28/22 Pam Strachan   Loved and Chosen (Women's Ministries Sabbath)
  05/21/22 Ruben Franco   When God has Dilemmas (Adventurer Sabbath)
  05/14/22 Andy Villanueva   GLOW: How God Uses Ordinary People
  05/07/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   So, You Want to have an Enjoyable Life?  Learning to Follow Jesus
  04/30/22 One Friday   Our Praise and Worship
  04/23/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Communion Sabbath
  04/16/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Invitation to Believe
  04/09/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   When? What? Why?: The Grace of the Second Coming
  04/02/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Called But Not Chosen: Called, Clothed, Chosen
  03/26/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Don't Say Pay: A Very Costly Grace
  03/19/22 Pam Strachan   Light in the Darkness
  03/12/22 Iryna Bolotnikova   --with Pastor Alexander Bolotnikov
  03/05/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Upon this Rock: Inviting Jesus to Stay
  02/26/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   The Courage to Go On: Caring and Walking with Jesus
  02/19/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   A Family of Believers: Living in the Mercy of God
  02/12/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   The Truth about the Present Truth
  02/05/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Friends in Low Places: You Got a Friend in Jesus
  01/29/22 Dick Duerksen   Wearing God's Armor
  01/22/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   This I Know: I am Christian
  01/15/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Not Worried About Anything:  Seeing from the Mountain
  01/08/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   We Have Come to Worship: It's Time for a Sudden Revelation
  01/01/22 Tim Mayne, pastor   Nothing New this Year...Just Keep on Being Holy (Communion)
  12/25/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Nevertheless...Where We've Been, Where We Are, Where We're Going
  12/18/21 Paul Welch   Invitation to Worship-in Four Parts
  12/11/21 Matthew Ballard   What Hat?
  12/04/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Easy Christmas Gift Idea: Everyone Gets a Fruit Cake!
  11/27/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Forget the Pear Tree: It's Fig Trees this Christmas!
  11/20/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Thanksgiving in the Quake, Joy in the Fire
  11/13/21 Calvin Hill   The Languages of God
  11/06/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Let the Main Point be the Main Point: A Life that Can't be Destroyed
  10/30/21 Jonathan Russell   Repairing the Breach
  10/23/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Adulting: When the Church Grows Up
  10/16/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Finally at Home: Where the Heart Is
  10/09/21 Paul Welch   About Consuming...
  10/02/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   The Greatest Communion Service Ever
  09/25/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Learning to Read: Finding and Reading the Book
  09/18/21 Josh Brislin   Complete Surrender
  09/11/21 Pam Strachan   Marvelous Grace
  08/28/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   If YOUR people...Whole Heart Praying
  08/21/21 Paul Savino   God Doesn't Need a Stapler
  08/14/21 One Friday Band   Outdoor Church
  08/07/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Getting Everything You Wanted: Asking for Everything You Need
  07/31/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Preparing the Temple for the Son:  When Jesus Comes into Your Heart
  07/24/21     OC Camp Meeting (streamed)
  07/17/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Worship:  In Three Songs
  07/10/21 Josiah Buster   Calling VS Purpose
  07/03/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   The Start of a New History:  Christ Renews Time (Communion)
  06/26/21 Tim Taylor   Shining in Darkness
  06/19/21 Chuck Burkeen   A Father's Heart
  06/12/21 Krysta Mayne   Stop. Look. Listen.
  06/05/21 Dan Linrud   Life-changing Hope
  05/29/21 Pam Strachan   Still Standing
  05/22/21 Paul Welch   Thomas and Jesus
  05/15/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Open Our Eyes...Let Us See  (Adventurer Club Investiture)
  05/08/21 Jim McMurry   Parenting Prodigals
  05/01/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Heading Home for Supper
  04/24/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Singing While Traveling Through Hell:  Songs of Salvation
  04/17/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Getting Your Garden In:  Expecting a Harvest
  04/10/21 Paul Welch   Prelude and Postlude in the Shadow of the Cross
  04/03/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   This I Now Believe (Communion)
  03/20/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   What We Can See if We Really Start Seeing...
  03/13/21 Marvin Clark   Finding the Joy of the Sabbath
  03/06/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Bread and Butter Basics:  A Meal Fit for a Dog
  02/27/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Why John was not Afraid:  How We can Die with Dignity
  02/20/21 Tim Mayne, pastor   Demon, Daughters, Disbelief and Disciples: Encountering the Devine
  03/21/20     Adventist ROKU Channels - Lots of options in additions to last weeks list
  03/14/20     Your Choice - See linked document
  03/07/20 Tim Mayne, pastor   When Jesus Prays: That You May Know God
  02/29/20     Praise & Share
  02/22/20 Tim Mayne, pastor   More Than Enough Room: Finding Our Way Home
  02/15/20 Tim Mayne, pastor   How to Meet Jesus
  02/08/20 Lincoln Steed   Witness
  02/01/20 Tim Mayne, pastor   Steps to (Knowing) Christ: Really Seeing Him
  01/25/20 Tim Mayne, pastor   Knowing the Will of God: Looking Below the Surface
  01/18/20 Tim Mayne, pastor   From the Sheep Gate to the Very Gates of Heaven: Living in Wellness
  01/11/20 Tim Mayne, pastor   Communion Service
  01/04/20 Tim Mayne, pastor   A New Year, A New You:  Knowing Who You Are
  12/28/19 Praise Service    
  12/21/19 Tim Mayne, pastor   The Mystery in the Manger: What Child is This?
  12/14/19 Tim Mayne, pastor   Returning Your Gift: Getting Just What You (Wanted) Needed
  12/07/19 Tim Mayne, pastor   Living the Gift: Singing the Season
  11/30/19 Paul Betlinski   Giving Thanks
  11/23/19 Tim Mayne, pastor   Thinking Clearly: What a Wonderful God
  11/16/19 Gary Trattner   Lost and Found
  11/09/19 Tim Mayne, pastor   How Can I Say Thanks: A Powerful Prayer for Grace
  11/02/19 Tim Mayne, pastor   Living the Law in Love
  10/26/19 Tim Mayne, pastor   Dressing for Success: Wearing the Robe of Righteousness
  10/19/19 Tim Mayne, pastor   Evidence Based Faith: This We Know
  10/12/19 Tim Mayne, pastor   Communion Service
  10/05/19 Tim Mayne, pastor   Dealing With the Details: The Largeness of Love

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